Virus Comics Has Launched! 7 New Titles from Heavy Metal’s Imprint

The comics are here!

Today, the VIRUS online comic shop is open for business. This is our first offering of creator-owned comics, on-demand and shipped to you.

“We are so excited to start this imprint and share these amazing creators with you! Every Wednesday you will receive a newsletter with new releases, HOT releases & Heavy Metal favorites. Welcome to your online storefront for Comic Books On Demand. Welcome to VIRUS.” — Matt Medney, Heavy Metal, CEO.

“We welcome all new and loyal fans of Heavy Metal to join us in our Comic Books On Demand site, VIRUS. As fans ourselves, we created this as a new and alternative platform for creators to reach an audience that have been limited by recent events and changes in the industry. We’re thrilled with the amazing range and amount of talent, from all parts of the world, wanting to participate in VIRUS.” — David Erwin, Publisher & Chief Creative Overlord.

The Eye of Ak Bahatat 

Writer: Abraham Martínez; pencils: Marco Lorenzana; inks: Jesús Salas; letters: JAME

México, 1938. Mr. Lawrence is sent to deliver some important documents to the reclusive Ambrosius Mar, a once powerful warlock who is now twisted in both mind and body, who will unveil a dark secret about a legendary jewel which is able to open the gates of perception and bestow great power upon its user: the cursed Eye of Ak Bahatat.

Garbage Factory Anthology 

Writer: Jakofire; artist: Danny Kim

In a distant future, the earth has been devastated by war and epidemics. Garbage Factory Anthology tells five tales depicting the chaotic coexistence of cyborg, human and A.I. in a huge city.

Hymn of the Teada 

Writers: Morgan Rosenblum & Matthew Medney; penciler/inker: Santa Fung; colorist: Julia Pinchuck; letterer: Voodoo Bownz

Time doesn’t work the same for all. As an imminent invasion looms over old Ryukyu, the high priestesses are engaged by Ryotetsu, a court official in the old kingdom. He embarks on a mission to find the one with the power to change the course of history, and discovers it’s a 17-year-old high schooler from far away.


Writer:  Diego Agrimbau; artist: Juan Manuel Tumbúrus

This is the story of Nadia, one of the last humans in Sileo, a city where Nomobots rule. Nomobots were created to avoid human extinction, but humans lost their freedom in the deal. Nomobots can love and hate, but their metal bodies don’t allow them to feel. There’s no pain or pleasure. So human slaves, like Nadia, are submitted to every kind of stimulation, and their sensations are recorded and sold on Sileo’s streets.

Sacred Bullets 

Writer: Claudio Alvarez; artist: Danny Jiménez

After taking justice into his own hands, the rebel priest Pedro Armas is in the crosshairs of both the drug dealers and the police. The gangs, irritated by the priest’s constant fight to disrupt their operations, have put a price on his head. A couple of detectives and the sordid face of the drug will fight face to face with Father Armas’s blessed bullet crusade.

The Red 

Writers: Matthew Medney & Morgan Rosenblum; penciler/inker/colorist: Jon Lam; letterer: Voodoo Bownz

In the distant future, after a nuclear world war, a single government entity now presides over what’s left of the world. Certain content that is deemed emotionally dangerous, or “red”, is prohibited in an attempt to maintain order. A collection of gifted musicians, who possess the rare ability to create red content, discover they are the key to overthrowing the totalitarian government.

The Trap-Door Maker 

Writer/artist: Pete Bregman

Prior to his life as The Phantom Of The Opera, the disfigured genius named Erik traveled the globe as a magician and sideshow horror. His unique skills eventually earned him a job as architect and political assassin for the Shah of Persia. The Trap-Door Maker tells the tale of Erik’s origins, and ultimate betrayal! The Collected Edition contains all three books, plus a bonus adaptation of chapter one of Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera.

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