New Frank Frazetta Book: Flip Through His ‘Fantastic Paintings’

Frank Frazetta, the late master of fantasy art, gets a deluxe new showcase in Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta, available for pre-order now from Vanguard Publishing. The book comes in a regular edition, featuring Frazetta’s Egyptian Queen on the cover, and the deluxe edition, with Death Dealer. The introduction is by Michael Whelan, a fantasy and sci-fi master in his own right (who happens to have a featured gallery in Heavy Metal 299).

As a Heavy Metal reader, you’re familiar with Frazetta, a three-time cover artist who was also the subject of a couple features in our pages over the years. The wonderful thing about this book is its commitment not just to presenting quality reproductions of the paintings, but also to telling, visually, the history of the works, from the preliminary paintings to the images as so many encountered them on the covers of fantasy paperbacks.

In the video below, author J. David Spurlock takes us through this handsome new book:

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