H.R. Giger for Xbox: Watch ‘Scorn’ Trailer and Be Afraid

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Scorn is a long-awaited first-person shooter based on the art of H.R. Giger and, to a lesser extent, Zdzisław Beksiński. It’s been in development for years; developer Ebb Software dropped a drool-inducing teaser trailer in 2016 and a gameplay trailer in 2017. There have been video games — lots of them — based on the Alien movies, but this one is specifically Giger, so expect to see more of the creepy, twisted sexual side of his art than you got in the Xenomorph movies.

Ebb recently dropped another trailer, and announced that the game is now being developed for the Xbox Series X, the newest version of the console, which is scheduled to be out in late 2020. So no, Scorn isn’t here yet, and the developers aren’t giving a date, but it certainly won’t be released before the Xbox Series X comes out. (It will also be playable on PC via Steam.) But new footage is a good sign, and if you want the full story behind the development, read the latest update on the Scorn kickstarter.

Here’s the new trailer (visit scorn-game.com for more info):

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