Dylan Sprouse, Dan Fogler, and More in Massive Creator Chat

Dylan Sprouse Dan Fogler chat

There are so many things going on with Heavy Metal now, we should have our own panel — so we did! Under the guidance of CEO Matt Medney, some of our new and notable contributors shared the screen as part of Virtual Pop Expo. Here we’ve got Dan Fogler and Laurence Blum talking about Fishkill, which is one of the Fogler’s Fictions you’ve heard so much about. We’ve also got George C. Romero discussing The Rise, which has gotten a fair bit of attention. Then there’s Brendan Columbus, who’ll be publishing the mysterious Savage Circus in our pages. To top it off, how about Dylan Sprouse — who’s written an amazing Norse Mythology story. We won’t even be revealing the title of Sprouse’s tale until next week!

These guys had some really cool stuff to say, and we’ll keep you posted on all their projects. Enjoy:

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