Teenage Interviewer Gets Foglered! Dan Fogler Visits Little Punk People

Dan Fogler, the always-entertaining actor (Fantastic Beasts, Walking Dead) and the storyteller behind Brooklyn Gladiator, chatted with Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People this week. Though he’s just 15 years old, Elliott has been discussing kickass music, wrestling and horror movies with grizzled veterans for over six years. James Hetfield, Scott Ian, Mick Foley, Ace Frehely, Ice-T and many others have gotten the Little Punk People treatment (visit LittlePunkPeople.net for more).

In this quick ‘n dirty interview, Dan and Elliott rap about Dan’s series Brooklyn Gladiator, which is currently available for pre-order in the Heavy Metal Shop, with an estimated shipping date of July 1. (Brooklyn Gladiator is the first of a few Fogler titles we’re publishing — collectively known as Fogler’s Fiction.)

Dan gives his thoughts about working with Simon Bisley, does his best Trump impersonation, and tells us what really scares him. Like most kids, Elliott wants to know what happens when we die, and Dan sketches out a sci-fi afterlife that leaves us with a lot of follow-up questions — but is damn appealing. Someday we may all be zooming to far-away galaxies as blobs of intact energy, but not today. Today, we’re listening to Dan Fogler: The Little Punk People Interview:

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