Heavy Metal Launches Comics Line with “Hoax Hunters” Season 2

 Although comics have long been a part of “Heavy Metal” magazine’s DNA, the company never published standalone comic books. However, that changes this winter when one-time Image Comics title “Hoax Hunters” becomes the first series released by the reorganized publishing company.

“Heavy Metal is a perfect home for us,” “Hoax Hunters” co-writer Steve Seeley told USA Today. “The art and writing of ‘Hoax Hunters’ fits seamlessly into the ‘Heavy Metal’ aesthetic so it has been a very easy and exciting transition.”

The magazine was sold in January by longtime owner Kevin Eastman to digital and music veteran David Boxembaum and film producer Jeff Krelitz, who hope to shape “Heavy Metal” into a brand for genre high-concept projects, similar to Legendary Entertainment. Krelitz and Boxembaum will be involved in the development of “Hoax Hunters” for film, publishing and merchandising.

“The move to Heavy Metal was both artistic and strategic,” co-writer Michael Moreci told USA Today. “Heavy Metal is getting behind us on developing the brand and really pushing to get it out there on all fronts. ‘Heavy Metal’ was influential on me as a kid and being a part of this important next step is an honor for me.”

Originating as a back-up story in “Hack/Slash” before graduating to its own title in 2012, “Hoax Hunters” centers on three reality-TV show hosts who travel the country, appearing to debunk paranormal mysteries. However, they’re actually covering up the existence of aliens, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.


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