Moebius Concept Art for ‘Willow’ [17 Images]

Heavy Metal artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud had a long history with Hollywood -- including Willow, the 1988 fantasy film directed by Ron Howard.

Patton Oswalt Joins Corben/Strnad for ‘To Meet the Faces You Meet’ Movie

Richard Corben and writer Jan Strnad teamed up on a 1972 story called "To Meet the Faces You Meet" -- and now Patton Oswalt is giving it a voice in a feature-length film.

COVID-19 Explained in One Sci-Fi Horror Supercut

Everything you need to know to survive COVID-19 you learned by watching sci-fi & horror movies.

Milo Manara’s COVID-19 Heroes

When COVID-19 hit Italy, it hit hard, with northern Italy becoming Europe’s hottest hot zone in February. By mid-March, all of Italy was under lockdown. For longtime Heavy Metal contributor Milo Manara, the COVID-19 pandemic has been hugely affecting. For starters, he lives in Veneto, in northern Italy. He also has a niece who works […]

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