Moebius’ Concept Art for ‘The Abyss,’ James Cameron’s 1989 Undersea Epic

Jean Giraud's early sketches of the NTIs ("non-terrestrial intelligence") are beautiful works of art on their own

Dan Fogler Launches 3 Titles: ‘Brooklyn Gladiator,’ ‘Fishkill’ & ‘Moon Lake’

The actor you know from 'Fantastic Beasts' and 'Walking Dead' is building his own universe with Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Magazine in the ’70s: The Back Covers

Heavy Metal was such a vital showcase, particularly in the early days, that there was a wealth of material, and sometimes the art on the back cover was as good or nearly so as what got the glory spot up front.

Samuel Araya’s ‘King in Yellow’ and Other Occult Scenes [12 Images]

Artist Samuel Araya, toiling away in what he calls “the poison heart of South America,” paints fascinating, ominous scenes and characters. The mists swirl, the landscapes are moody and unfamiliar, creatures of ancient magic and obvious menace stare at you and through you. Araya is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and the occult, and in recent […]

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