‘Swift Chrome’ Part 2, Fiction by Joshua Sky

Story by Joshua Sky; art by Ian Tolmay Previously: Swift Chrome Part 1 The Hive is an old football stadium converted into a gladiatorial arena for the cannibal tribe, the Sootar. They’re the worst. Not only do they eat you, but they wear your flesh and make all sorts of grotesque accessories. Boy do I […]

‘Swift Chrome’ Part 1, Fiction by Joshua Sky

A fearless girl and her superfast sentient car try to steer clear of the cannibal hordes of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

‘Golem,’ Fiction by Joshua Sky

Avi and Mo are mech pilots fighting to save the Holy Land from a terrorist group that wants to eradicate history.

SHORT FICTION: “Double Shift” by Frank Aversa

“Double Shift” by Frank Aversa Bill Madsen stood in the middle of his living room, an ultra-thin cell phone pressed to his ear. “It’s a done deal my man. You’re talking to the VP of Foreign Relations.” Madsen casually walked up to the black futon, leaned forward, and straightened a picture frame centered above it. […]

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