Konstantin Komardin’s ‘The Idiot’ Video, Starring Cyborg Dostoyevsky

Cyborg Fyodor Dostoyevsky must save the pacified public in a music video from artist Konstntin Komardin.

Kraftwerk’s Forgotten ‘Autobahn’ Animated Video

With the death of Florian Schneider, half of the creative partnership of Kraftwerk leaves the mortal plane for the great synthesizer in the sky. Kraftwerk have been called one of the most influential musical acts of all time — with some musicologists placing them on a plane of innovators that includes The Beatles and Chuck […]

Secret Social Club’s ‘Gravity’ Video Goes from Reality to Comics

Los Angeles based alt-rock band Secret Social Club debuts their first single “Gravity” with a part live-action, part animated comic music video. The band encapsulates what we love most about artists, pushing the boundaries of music and art in new ways. Check out their new music video below. You can also click this link to […]

Dave Mustaine Discusses ‘Megadeth: Death by Design’ [Video]

We hope you’ve heard about the 350-page graphic anthology Megadeth: Death by Design, an interpretation of 35 of the thrash-metal group’s classic tunes. We put this together with the guidance of the band themselves, and collaborators include over 100 of the best comics writers and artists working today. There is so much to unpack with […]

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