Mathew Klickstein’s New Graphic Novel ‘You Are Obsolete,’ Out Now

Mathew Klickstein, host of the NERTZ podcast, tells us about his latest work, described as 'Children of the Corn with cell phones.'

Teenage Interviewer Gets Foglered! Dan Fogler Visits Little Punk People

Dan Fogler discusses Brooklyn Gladiator, super powers, fear, death and the afterlife with young Elliot Fullam of Little Punk People.

Dan Fogler Reveals ‘Brooklyn Gladiator’ Details

Dan Fogler interviewed by Nerdbot about 'Brooklyn Gladiator,' his upcoming comic series.

The NERTZ Podcast’s Mathew Klickstein: Heavy Metal Interview

Mathew Klickstein is an accomplished multimedia writer who lives, breathes and writes about Nerd culture. Some of his varied credits include scribing for publications like Wired magazine as well as penning the horror feature Against The Dark, starring Steven Segal in his first role in the genre. Klickstein has also written children’s books, and nonfiction […]

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