Sun Eater: Details on Dylan Sprouse’s 9-Issue Comic Series

A new limited series by Dylan Sprouse tells a tale of Norwegian history and mythology. Coming soon from Heavy Metal!

Dylan Sprouse, Dan Fogler, and More in Massive Creator Chat

Dylan Sprouse, Dan Fogler, Laurence Blum, George C. Romero and Brendan Columbus having a big old chat anbout all the cool stuff they'll be publishing with Heavy Metal.

Virus Comics Has Launched! 7 New Titles from Heavy Metal’s Imprint

Check out covers and interior pages from Heavy Metal's new imprint for creator-owned, on-demand comics!

Heavy Metal’s VIRUS Imprint: A New Way of Bringing Comics to Readers

The independence of creator-owed comics combined with on-demand printing tech and editorial expertise of Heavy Metal.

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