Vault Comics Come to the Heavy Metal Shop!

VAULT COMICS teams with HEAVY METAL to bring their greatest comics, merchandise to the HEAVY METAL Store The partnership will begin with reprints of VAULT’s “Greatest Hits” featuring exclusive collectible Trading Card cover series, and will expand to include new series #1s and a growing assortment of formats and merchandise. Heavy Metal Entertainment announces a […]

Teenage Interviewer Gets Foglered! Dan Fogler Visits Little Punk People

Dan Fogler discusses Brooklyn Gladiator, super powers, fear, death and the afterlife with young Elliot Fullam of Little Punk People.

Going Viral: Publisher David Erwin on Virus Comics

Heavy Metal's new imprint will bring more comics to readers, with fair compensation to creators.

Dan Fogler Reveals ‘Brooklyn Gladiator’ Details

Dan Fogler interviewed by Nerdbot about 'Brooklyn Gladiator,' his upcoming comic series.

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