Psychedelic Tarot: Oliver Hibert’s Deck Is Far Out, Man

Oliver Hibert’s tarot deck takes the familiar “wicked pack cards” (as Eliot called it) and gives it a healthy dose of mind-altering pizzazz. Hibert is a professional artist and illustrator whose work you may have seen on album covers, posters and in periodicals — it’s the kind of work you recognize instantly. His images explode […]

20 Covers by Philippe Caza for Science Fiction Novels (in French)

Did you know these images appeared on paperbacks by Asimov, Silverberg and van Vogt?

John Carpenter and Ennio Morricone’s ‘Thing,’ Together at Last

John Carpenter is famous for scoring many of his own movies — but he intended to have Italian legend Ennio Morricone score The Thing (1982). But things don’t always go as planned in the movie business. Morricone wrote a score without the benefit of having seen the film, which wasn’t completed. When Carpenter went to […]

Maria Llovet’s Sexy ‘Bruja’ Aren’t Warty-Nosed Hags

A different kind of witch, from an artist who specializes in erotic horror comics.

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