Moebius’ Concept Art for ‘The Abyss,’ James Cameron’s 1989 Undersea Epic

Jean Giraud's early sketches of the NTIs ("non-terrestrial intelligence") are beautiful works of art on their own

Philippe Adamov, 1956-2020: A Master of Elegant Linework

Philippe Adamov, a Heavy Metal contributor considered an heir to Moebius, has died at the age of 63. Here's a gallery from 'The Waters of Deadmoon.'

Adrian Cox Paints Eerie Specters Up to No Good, Deep in the Woods [12 Images]

The artist contributed a cover to Heavy Metal 282, the Psychedelic Special. And as these latest paintings show, he's still trippin' like a champion.

Hajime Sorayama’s Robo-Saurs Run Wild in Shibuya

The futurist famous for his 'Sexy Robot' paintings unleashes raptors, T-rexes and stegasauri on a Tokyo gallery. AND there are Sexy Robots too (of course)!

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