Issue #298 Cover A – Esau Escorza

Issue #298 Cover B – Gabriel Ippoliti

Issue #298 Cover C – Phil Cohen

Issue #297 Cover A – Brandi Milne

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Stylish ‘Dune’ Character Art (You Won’t See in the Film)

Artist Chezka Sunit has tried to answer a popular science-fiction question: What does Dune look like? In a series of illustrations she’s posted to her ArtStation page, Sunit gives her visualization of the characters from Frank Herbert’s saga, originally published in 1965. Sunit, clearly a huge Dune fan, created this series out of excitement over […]

Psychedelic Tarot: Oliver Hibert’s Deck Is Far Out, Man

Oliver Hibert’s tarot deck takes the familiar “wicked pack cards” (as Eliot called it) and gives it a healthy dose of mind-altering pizzazz. Hibert is a professional artist and illustrator whose work you may have seen on album covers, posters and in periodicals — it’s the kind of work you recognize instantly. His images explode […]

Heavy Metal Merch

Heavy Metal Comics

Aftermath Big Clean #2

Megadeth: Death By Design Graphic Novel

Taarna – Trade Paperback Volume 1 – Chris Achilleos Cover

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast Vol2 – Night City – Issue #3

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